MyWebSteps version 1.3

Firefox added a new argument to the saveURI api ( which broke our MyWebSteps. Version 1.3 has been updated to address this change.

In addition, from version 1.3, to save the users storage space,  MyWebSteps will only save the thumbnail of part of a webpage rather than the whole webpage. This change would require only about 1.5GB rather than 5GB on the user’s hard disk each year.

Please download the new version at

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New Firefox changes

From Firefox 36, MyWebSteps cannot capture and save the thumbnails of webpages. We will investigate the problem and fix it. In the meanwhile please don’t update your browser.

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MyWebSteps is now placed in Firefox’s toolbar

Firefox removed the status bar since version 29. We have updated MyWebSteps so its controls are now placed in the Firefox’s toolbar. The new version has been uploaded to the Firefox add-on centre for two weeks but it is still in a queue for reviewing. Anyways, you can still install the new version here


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MyWebSteps is now available on the Firefox add-on centre

MyWebSteps has been uploaded to the Firefox add-on centre. You can now install MyWebSteps here

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Google search secure issue

For the user’s privacy, MyWebSteps has been designed not to capture https webpages. Today, Firefox uses Google secure search by default. Therefore, MyWebSteps now keeps blocking https pages but Google secure search. However, capturing a search session becomes challenging now. The reason for this can be found here. We plan to investigate new techniques to capture search sessions. In the meanwhile, if you want MyWebSteps to capture your Google search correctly, please set as your browser’s homepage. You can read more about How to disable Google secure search here.

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Issue with Google search https

MyWebSteps was initially designed to capture Google search http. Recently, Google has also used https. MyWebSteps will be updated shortly to deal with the new https.

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Testing the first public version of MyWebSteps

After several iterations, finally the first public version of MyWebSteps is ready for testing by the members of the Computational Science and Engineering group, School of Computing, University of Leeds. After this test, we will launch MyWebSteps to wider audience.

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