Scenarios for MyWebSteps

1. A webpage visited early today

  • Scenario: David was preparing a presentation and wanted to include an illustration of friendships on Facebook, which he had seen earlier that day. The problem was he’d looked at many webpages trying to find a suitable illustration and couldn’t remember which page had that particular image.
  • Solution: David opens MyWebSteps and immediately recognises the heat map (the thumbnail in the bottom row, 4th column) in the default view, which shows all the pages he has visited today.

Revisiting an visualisation of friendships on Facebook which had been seen earlier on the same day

2. Google Searches

  • Scenario: Steve remembered that the other day, while searching for things to do around Leeds, he encountered a webpage about the Leeds Festival.
  • Solution: He opens MyWebSteps and selects the “Google Searches” tab. MyWebSteps filters his search history as he types, so “lee” is sufficient for Steve to recognise the search he wants. He clicks on it, and MyWebSteps displays the page he originally chose from the results and 20 other pages he then browsed to. The Festival page is one of those.

Close »« Re-finding webpages about the Leeds Festival which had been found while searching for things to do around Leeds

3. Webpage in a domain

  • Scenario: Sarah often reads news on the BBC. She remembers she read an article which showed UKIP voting changes. She needs this information for her essay, but it was a few days ago, the headlines have changed and she cannot find it again on the BBC’s site.
  • Solution: Sarah opens MyWebSteps, selects the “Domains” tab and types “bbc”. MyWebSteps shows two results in the list. Sarah clicks on “”, browses the results and quickly recognises the page she wants.

Revisiting a webpage previously on the homepage of




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